Econcept is an independant consultancy specializing in integrated environmental and social risk and performance management. We support the industry, regulatory agencies, NGOs and lender institutions with our expertise.

Our experience in the international energy and infrastructure sector provides valuable in-depth knowledge on project management, technical aspects and environmental and socio-economic impacts and mitigation strategies. This knowledge is essential in project planning and implementation to establish effective mitigation of negative impacts, realise benefits for ecosystems and stakeholders and align with good international industry practice and potential lender requirements.

Our experience in working with development aid programs, NGOs and capacity building worldwide provide the necessary insights for assessing the efficiency of regulatory structures and governance frameworks as well as potential capacity gaps. This is essential for tailoring advice and capacity building efforts to the recipient’s needs and constraints.

Cross-cutting and multidisciplinary thinking is needed to enable the transition from fossil to renewable energy, compliance with sustainable development goals and green or blue economy planning. Our experience provides the needed input to strategic environmental and social governance, risk and performance management, whether on a national level or at a project scale.

The multitude of disciplines and expertise involved in environmental and social management requires a variety of knowledge and skill sets and there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach. We have a wide network of competent people and organisations and have the ability to assemble a qualified team as needed.