Environmental and social governance, risk and performance management are key drivers for a sustainable development. An increasingly complex array of challenges such as climate change, resource efficiency, pollution prevention, human rights, social cohesion and more needs to be considered. Policy makers and industry need to integrate sustainability thinking into their strategies and management for being successful in the long term. We provide the support needed.

Our range of services includes all aspects of environmental and social risk and performance management and the respective governance strategies. We have considerable experience working with major energy infrastructure developments, whether renewable, oil and gas or transportation. Alignment with good international industry practice and the requirements of international financing institutions ensure appropriate risk mitigation and compliance.

We also support governmental agencies in improving governance frameworks, project reviews and capacity building. We have been working with development aid programs and NGOs to build capacity on overall environmental and social management for many years.

We deliver integrated services for fast-track projects to long-term assistance and capacity building.

Our services include the following areas:

  • Strategic planning: environmental and social governance, sustainability risks and opportunities, environmental and social assessments (SEA), risk mitigation strategies, scenario analysis and valuation of ecosystem services for informed decision-making, green/blue economy management concepts, plans and roadmaps. strategy alignment with sustainable development goals and planning for long-term benefits.
  • Permitting/licensing processes: contribution and quality assurance of environmental and social impact assessments (ESIAs) and associated processes. compliance checking against lender requirements (IFC/WBG, EBRD, EIB, etc.) and good international industry practices.
  • Strategy or project implementation: supporting the implementation of strategic actions, environmental and social management systems with corresponding processes, documents, and targets. Progress and performance monitoring against targets, KPIs, management plans, best practices, standards and stakeholder perceptions.
  • Capacity building and support of regulatory agencies, civil society and stakeholders: knowledge transfer and empowerment of regulatory agencies and their stakeholders by physical or virtual workshops, seminars or e-learning courses. Development of environmental and social guidance and processes as part of national regulatory frameworks or internal workflows. Review of documentation to support permitting processes or regulatory decision-making, stakeholder engagement support.